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A nonwoven heating concept for composite laminates

News International-French

3 Feb 2014

Lantor will introduce at JEC Europe 2014, a nonwoven veil that has the property to heat composite laminates as a fully integrated layer without interfering with the designed mechanical properties.

The nonwoven heating concept is called Lantor PowerSHEAT and is a polyester fibre material with carbon like additives that can be easily impregnated with polyester and epoxy resin systems. That way Lantor PowerSHEAT can be an integrated part of a structural laminate. It can be connected to an electrical power source which will heat up the veil to a maximum of 160°C. The product is developed for de-/anti-icing applications and for heating of composite production molds.

The Lantor PowerSHEAT has an full surface heating profile that will make heating of composite parts fast and energy efficient. It is easy to integrate in the composite part with wet-in-wet laminating or in closed mold processing, this due to its very flexible nature. A wide range of applications are possible for this product, because of the possibility to use variable voltages, 12 to 230 volts, and the ability to generate a maximum power of 2kW/m2 if needed.

The material will be available after the JEC in Paris in standard widths of 10, 20 and 30 cm. With the PowerSHEAT Lantor can provide a Plug-and-Play solution for many heating applications in the composite industry.

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