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Nordam chosen to manufacture acoustic interior panels for Gulfstream aircraft

News International-French

23 Oct 2014

Aerospace component manufacturer’s proprietary, composite acoustic-panel design supports quiet, comfortable G500 and G600 passenger cabin.

Nordam’s Interiors & Structures division (I&S) has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to manufacture composite acoustic sidewalls, window panels, headliners and cabin-area oxygen access-panels for the newly announced Gulfstream 500 and 600 business jets.

The aerospace manufacturer developed a proprietary acoustic solution to meet Gulfstream’s performance requirements while minimizing weight impacts, demonstrating Nordam’s ongoing ability to win business based on its technical capabilities. The panels are made of composite material to optimize sound quality and are later covered with decorative material by Gulfstream prior to installation.

CEO Meredith Siegfried notes that in addition to this newly announced interiors work, I&S also produces G150, G280, G450, G550 and G650 interior components and panels with optimized acoustic attenuation properties. Likewise, NORDAM’s Nacelles and Thrust Reverser Systems division manufactures a long list of components for Gulfstream, both through direct contracts with the aircraft manufacturer and as a subcontractor to other suppliers. These components include G150 and G450 nacelles and thrust reversers; G500 and G600 nacelles and thrust reversers, bonded fuselage panels and bonded vertical tails; and G650 wing-to-body fairings and dorsal splitters.

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