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Nordam provides A320 sharklet repairs in the Americas

News International-French

20 Oct 2015

Airbus Material and Supply Chain Services in the Americas has provided, installed, calibrated and approved their proprietary, production-grade tooling at the Nordam Repair Division to facilitate all A320 Sharklet repairs – up to and including replacement of damaged skin panels, which cannot be achieved without these specific fixtures.

The company is qualified by Airbus on A320 classic and NEO Sharklets to replace skin panels and perform repairs that are outside of the Airbus Structural Repair Manual.

These distinctions allow the Tulsa-based aerospace firm to offer a geographically advantageous option for Airbus operators in the region.
“Adding the Sharklet to our capabilities is yet another milestone in nearly two decades of service to Airbus and our airline customers flying Airbus fleets,” Executive Vice President, Repair Divisions Basil Barimo said. “We’re reinforcing our position as the maintenance and repair organization of choice for Airbus flight-control repairs.”

The A320 Sharklet is made from lightweight composite material – a key area of both manufacturing and repair expertise for Nordam. According to Airbus, the sharklet can add additional range or increased payload capacity and improve aerodynamic performance with a four percent overall fuel-burn savings.

As the preferred North American repair station for Airbus, Nordam also repairs proprietary flight-control surfaces used on the A320, A330, A340, A350, A300-600 and A310, and replaces Airbus elevator skin panels and attach fittings on A320, A300-600 and A310 for customers throughout the global aircraft community. Additionally, the Nordam Transparency Division manufactures A320 landing light lenses, wingtip lenses and cabin windows for Airbus and offers these transparencies direct to A320 operators under special licensing.

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