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Norplex-Micarta announces RT571 tubing for thick wall applications

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26 Mar 2012

Norplex-Micarta, the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites, introduces RT571, high strength tubing composed of a heavy weave glass fabric with an epoxy resin system.

RT571 has excellent strength at elevated temperatures but has also been formulated to facilitate the production of thick walled tubes.  This formulation allows for walls to be up to 2 times the ID without checks and cracks.  Typical uses for RT571 include bushings, spacers, structural parts and many other applications that require parts to be fabricated from an extremely thick walled glass tube.



RT571 is part of a wide range of Norplex-Micarta tubing products.  Norplex-Micarta offers an assortment of tubing products that meet a variety of individual application requirements.



About Norplex-Micarta
Norplex-Micarta is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites. Norplex-Micarta’s vast product line serves power generation, alternate energy, ballistic protection, construction, electrical devices, electronics, heavy industrial, military/aerospace, oil & gas, and transportation markets throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas.



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