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North Sea Boats embarks on a deeper partnership with DIAB

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25 Apr 2013

North Sea Boats, a boat manufacturer with an international presence, has its manufacturing operations in Indonesia. Capable of producing monohull or multihull craft up to 75 meters long, the company is a regional expert in sandwich technology.

North Sea Boats employs around 350 people at its manufacturing facilities in Banyuwangi, East Java, headed by a core of multinational consultants and department heads. Several of the senior Indonesian staff were trained abroad, and the staff as a whole is now extremely proficient in the vacuum infusion of flat panels and compound hull shapes.

The high-performance vessels produced at the 38 000 m² facilities can be configured for military, law enforcement, search & rescue, commercial and multirole applications. Combining speed with stability, the models include interceptor and patrol craft with stepped hulls, as well as shallow-draft, semi-displacement, long-range patrol craft capable of operating both inshore and offshore.

North Sea Boats employs the latest composite construction techniques, using high-grade materials from the world’s leading suppliers. These include epoxy-modified vinylester resins in addition to unidirectional and multi-axial reinforcements from carbon fiber, E-glass, Kevlar and closed-cell PVC core.

For many years, DIAB was the exclusive supplier of core materials to North Sea Boats. In addition
to collaborating closely with North Sea Boats in the setup of production in Banyuwangi, DIAB has helped the company’s employees to develop their skills in infusion technology. Although NSB has since had a dual-sourcing strategy, the relationship with DIAB has always remained strong.

After a recent series of meetings in Sweden, Singapore and Banyuwangi, North Sea Boats has once again chosen to commit to DIAB. The two companies have agreed to an exclusive arrangement, running until at least the end of 2013. This arrangement comprises a number of exciting opportunities, including the potential to produce 2–3 units of North Sea Boats’ new 63 m trimaran OPV.

Launched in August 2012, the trimaran is a large offshore patrol vessel with shallow draft and stealth characteristics. It contains structural elements of carbon fiber with cored sandwich, infused with modified vinylester resin. Its wave-piercing hull design permits high average speeds and maximizes operational capability in the characteristic seas of the Indonesian Archipelago. Operated by a compliment of 29 officers and crew, the trimaran has three internal decks and an 11 m RIB for rapid deployment of a seven-member interdiction team.

The 63 m trimaran from North Sea Boats utilizes carbon-fiber core sandwich composites on a scale that is unprecedented for a naval application outside of Scandinavia, and DIAB is proud to be involved with future deliveries. In addition, the DIAB team is looking forward to contributing to the next potential development at North Sea Boats: an even larger trimaran with an overall length of 74 meters from bow to stern.


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