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Novel composite driveshaft system

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7 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - The team of the Institute for Lightweight Design and Polymer Technologies (ILK, TU Dresden) and the Leichtbau Zentrum Sachsen GmbH (LZS) has developed a novel approach for high-performance, low-weight composite driveshafts.

The generic design features a semi-finished composite tube body made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) with a profiled cross-section to allow for the introduction of torque via form fit. This design is scalable to meet the performance requirements of virtually all application areas for composite driveshafts, namely aeronautics, automotive, railway, marine and general industry.

The specially designed and material-optimised profiled cross-section – called smooth spline (SSP) joint – allows for standardised dimensioning and efficient assembly. The ILK/LZS team also developed a continuous preforming and manufacturing process for semi-finished driveshaft bodies which is highly reproducible at high production rates, so that the known advantages of CFRP driveshafts can be utilized at much lower part cost.

During the development of this innovative driveshaft system, an extensive test programme was carried out to validate the numerical optimisation of the profile geometry and demonstrate the outstanding mechanical performance of the system.

The ILK will be present at the JEC 2013 with profile shaft demonstrators and development team members to showcase this innovative composite driveshaft system.

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