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NTT Carbon Fiber Group announces Koreox preoxidized PAN new production line

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3 Sep 2013

The company has resolved to grow its production capacity of preoxidized PAN by 500 tons per year, setting up a new production line that is finally coming to be operational. Tests are on their final phase, and by the coming September 23th, it will be fully operative.

Koreox preoxidized PAN is a flam retardand fiber made by the slight carbonization of a carbon fiber polyacrylonitrile precursor.

Preoxidized PAN tranforms into a carbon fiber when it undergoes further carbonization at higher temperatures and becomes an activated carbon fiber when it goes throught a vapor or chemical activation process.
This demonstrates that while Koreox Preox PAN belongs to a family of acrylic carbon fibers, it is an advanced functional fiber with high flame-resistance, softness and flexibility. It maintains a wool-like softness and pliable touch, along with its excellent flame-resistance. Moreover it is a very light fiber.

As for properties, Koreox is naturally black like carbon fiber. It has a specific electric resistance of 108-1010Ω.cm and does not have as much electric conductivity as carbon fiber, having 10-2-10-3 Ω.cm.
The outstanding feature of Koreox lays in flame-resistanxe and self-extinguishing properties.
As is indicated by the L.O.I (Limitating Oxygen Index), Koreox has the highest level of about 50 in such value, compared with other high-tech fibers.
A value of over 26.5 in L.O.I. is regarded as self-extinguishing ans is called flame retardant.
The material surpasses this value by far and might well be called "quasi-non-flammable" fiber, which does not burn in the atmosphere. Even when brought near a flame, the material does not burn, melt or shrink, but carbonizes maintaining the original form.

In body protection and garments, when used for flame -or heat-resisting suits, it does not cause secondary burns, thus enabling the user to minimize the physical danger to the body.
The L.O.I. index of Koreox also makes it anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, therfore the best ti protect the skin with the maximum confort. Foor these reasons, it finds good use un the outfit of the F1 pilots.

Koreox has a wide and diversified range of applications from special clothing fields to industrial materialls, proving especially effective for the applications exposed to the danger of a fire and extreme heat.
Common industrial applications, protective sheets against welding sparks, fire protective curtains, thermal insulation curtains, fire protective covers, clutches and brakes, laminates and composites.
To protect people, is used in many different fields, for special work uniforms, like for firemen, welding, furnace work, flame -and heat-resistance underwear, and for protective and safety clothing and disaster preventive equipment, heat resistance gloves, aprons, hoods, arm-cover, fire escape ropes, as well as insulation material for automotive or transportation, building insulation and fire protection.

Production increased capacity
With its wide range of application, worldwide industry has been able to expand the consumption of the preoxidized PAN fiber.
Consequently NTT had to grow its capacity with the same pace and resolved to increase it by another 500 tons per year, settinf up a new production line that us finally coming to be operational.

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