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NTT Carbon Fiber Group & Xolve start cooperation on graphene developments

News International-French

20 May 2013

NTT Carbon Fiber Group announces that it has reached an agreement under NDA with Xolve to set up a joint development program using KORE carbon fibers, carbon nano-tubes and the Xolve Graphene masterbatches.

NTT Carbon Fiber Group intends to develop with Xolve three main projects under the R&D business area, with the purpose to create innovative for the design, production, product support and services devoted to aerospace applications, with special hard environmental conditions needs.

Xolve will provide full support during the development phase, working to combine Xolve technology to the TTT technology of NTT Carbon Fiber Group under this program.

Strategic aspects
The selected aerospace programs selected for this joint development are the front-end of a future deployment of graphene in industrial applications, other than aerospace.
As usual this is an investment in technology we make according our commitment to the continued technical and commercial development to improve our global performance, as well as operating investments to serve the market in the long term.

NTT Carbon Fiber Group maintains a long term outlook on its opportunity to collaborate with Xolve and its proprietary masterbatch dispersion technology. Its potential is to extend the development specifically created for the aerospace industry to other industries, among which we can count NTT Carbon Fiber Group’s projects in the high performance sports, as well as in the marine field, and in the automotive.

Both Xolve and NTT Carbon Fiber Group will receive benefit out of this joint research by further innovating and developing new composites for the benefit of customers in many di ff erent market segments.

Several new programs are currently being planned or developed by various NTT Carbon Fiber Group customers worldwide. The Xolve, NTT Carbon Fiber joint development will provide future state-of-the-art, efficient prepregging solutions focused initially in the aeronautic and aerospace segment.

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