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Nylon 6 resin based high thermal conductive composite material improvement

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26 Nov 2012

Recently, the thermoplastic resin based high conductive composite material research has made progress by a composite materials research team in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Institute of material technology and Engineering advanced manufacturing technology department (MIMTE).

NIMTE is also known as Ningbo Industrial Technology Research Institute (NITRI). NITRI has focused on the key core technology development and system integration in the fields of new materials, new energy and advanced manufacturing industry, to provide important products and complete sets of technology.


The high thermal conductivity nylon 6 resin base composite material was developed through the double screw extruder. Nylon 6 resin high thermal conductivity composites have a density of 1.504g/cm3 (20℃) which is far less than the aluminum alloy materials ( 2.7g/cm3 ).



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