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Online, Live Composites Design Workshop VI organized by Pr. Stephen W. Tsai & Associates

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14 Dec 2011

This intensive, online, live, certificated training by Stanford University, 32 intensive hours given from January 17 to 26, 2012 from noon to 4 PM PST by a Staff of 16 specialists representing established organization will deliver ready-to-use skills for managers and engineers to innovate.

This workshop provides:

  • Solid foundation and skills for engineers, managers and students.
  • Alternative to empirically based building block approach.
  • Demonstrate simulation as a tool available for use today.
  • Challenge design rules and expand design space.
  • Use master curves to generate more revealing and generic data.
  • Lighter weight and lower cost can be achieved simultaneously.



The registration package includes:

  • 32-hour intensive live online sessions via WebEx.
  • Live sofware demonstration and practice sessions.
  • Tuition-covered iPad 2* to take full advantage of eBooks and most fundamental material covered.
  • Free copies of three books (eBook format): Strength & Life of Composites , Theory of Composites Design and Lekhnitskii´s Anisotropic Plates.
  • Free Copy of Abaqus - Student Edition.
  • Tools:

1. Mic-Mac's and Super Mic-Mac

2. MicMac/FEA (Abaqus)

3. Lekhnitskii´s exact solutions

4. Life prediction of random fatigue

5. Progressive damage of laminates with holes and bolts

6. Use of cohesive elements for damage tolerance

7. 3D Beam for preliminary design

8. Uncertainty estimation and reliability theory


* Offer applies to U.S. participants only. For those living outside the US, please check the options under Registration.



Convenient workshop format:

  • Live broadcast via internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • Each participant has direct access to live WebEx sessions;
  • Recordings of the live sessions can be downloaded later;
  • Access to interactive forum to post questions and share comments.



1.Composites Design Workshop VI is not a sequence of Composites Design Workshops I to V. Composites Design Workshop VI is enhanced with new materials and offered as an intensive workshop format.

2. Option exists for official transcript of records and certificate from Stanford University (refer to registration page).



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