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Opening ceremony of Institute für Textiltechnik Augsburg GmbH

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28 Sep 2016

Under the guideline principle “Textile (research) is coming back to Augsburg“, the Institut für Textiltechnik Augsburg (ITA Augsburg) was cordially opened on 23 September 2016 at a ceremony in presence of professional public.

Opening ceremony of Institute für Textiltechnik Augsburg GmbH in Augsburg, Germany

The location of Augsburg provides long textile tradition and possesses now the first textile research institute in Bavaria, Germany, at the heart of top cluster MAI Carbon. The institute belongs to the ITA Group around the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA).

ITA Augsburg stands for key topics in research, development and industrialisation of composites. Textile components become more and more important in the design of composites. They are represented through the research topics recycling of (carbon) composites, fleece technology and the application of thermoplastic composites, especially in hybrid component structures.

RWTH Aachen University is the largest technical university in Europe with regard to third-party funds. It invests know how and equipment targeted in the research region Augsburg and completes its growing expertise in lightweight construction and composite technology at this location.

Involvement of ITA Augsburg in the research region Augsburg
With ITA Augsburg the research location Augsburg gains additional and necessary expertise to the previous range of services which are essential elements for the development of modern lightweight materials using fibre composite components. Within ITA Augsburg, all important process steps for the research of composite parts are onsite available.

Prof Dr Thomas Gries, Director of Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, was delighted how positive ITA Augsburg developed since its establishment. In particular he was pleased about the practiced synergy in research with the Institute of Materials Ressource Management (MRM) of the University of Augsburg, the German Aerospace Center DLR-ZLP, both the working groups of Fraunhofer FHG-IGCV on one side and the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University which has been established in the composite technology for decades. This cooperation represents to him a future model for mutually beneficial research collaborations.

Opening of the institute
During the opening ceremony, Prof Dr Stefan Schlichter, Director of the institute, introduced new research approaches about the importance of nonwoven technology for composites for the design of compound materials. Nonwovens are nowadays successfully and with a growing proportion used in technical applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. It enables under the aspects of recycling and sustainability a new design even in light weight and composites. Afterwards industry representatives discussed the future potentials of this new technology.

Investment in new equipment
Prof Stefan Schlichter reported proudly that within a short time latest and worldwide unique research facilities were put into operation with the help of industry and of RTWH Aachen University. Even this support by industry, of research funds of ITA and by RWTH Aachen University accumulating to more than 3.5 million EUR show the deep trust in the expertise and the potential of the new institute. "This will encourage us for the future excellence in research in composites and textile technologies“, underlined Prof Schlichter.

The visitors used the opportunity to inspect the latest and worldwide unique nonwoven fabric production for the processing of recycled composite fibres at the SIGMA Technopark, Augsburg, Germany. This facility of the company DILO will be used for the development of suitable treatment and production processes of fabrication, semi-finished materials and product waste made out rCF, glass und aramides. Appropriate applications made out of recycled composite materials will be developed on it – a contribution to solve the sustainability concerns of the new material carbon.

Within the Technologiezentrum Augsburg (TZA), a new organo melt injection moulding press for the economical production of thermoplastic composite components was presented. This injection moulding press allows to produce ready-made components in their final shape.