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Optimized cutting tool solutions for composite parts

News International-French

6 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - One-shot drilling of composite/metallic stack materials (titanium/CFRP/aluminium) using power feed machines is one of the latest optimized processes developed by Sandvik Coromant’s R&D team.

This solution avoids having to use the three-stage process still commonly used today, that requires pre-drill, drill and reaming operations to achieve the necessary surface and dimensional quality.


One of the solutions is a helix flute drill based on a veined PCD point with a specific geometry. Reductions in cycle times are impressive, while maintaining strict criteria based on Cp/Cpk targets for surface quality and exit burr.


Sandvik Coromant works closely with its partner Precorp to deliver state-of-the-art, co-branded drills and milling cutters for improved performance when machining composite materials. These tools can be used in all types of machines. Building on this expertise in composites, Sandvik Coromant has opened a new application centre for composites machining in Europe. Located in Orléans, France, the centre serves as a specially-manned competence facility for customer projects that delivers complete processing, programming and machining for new or existing components – often with a business proposal for guaranteed output increase or cycle time reduction.



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