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Optimized hard armor solution protects against IED’s

News International-French

14 Jun 2012

Teijin aramid introduces its new hard ballistic laminate: Twaron UD21

The growing threat of violence around the world has led to increased requirements for armored vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels. Optimized hard armor solutions are needed to provide soldiers with better ballistic protection from such threats as bullets and fragments from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs).

Given the fact that Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) are being used more and more worldwide, the requirements for armored vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels are becoming more stringent. In addition, armored vehicles must be able to tolerate the severe environmental circumstances of today’s battlefields. Some parts of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle can reach temperatures of 90˚C, well above the acceptable range for traditional protective laminates. Twaron UD21 is specifically designed to provide low weight and high protection, even at such high temperatures.

To better protect soldiers against direct hits from bullets, but also fragments and projectiles, Twaron UD21 can be applied either internally as a spall liner or externally as part of bolt-on or add-on armor. For extra strength and performance, Twaron UD21 can be combined with other materials, such as steel, ceramics or titanium. Twaron’s low weight, high stiffness and structural integrity contributes to greater maneuverability, increased payload and fuel economy of armored vehicles.

According to Karl Henke, Business Manager of Ballistics at Teijin Aramid, “In the more than 25 years that Twaron has been available on the market, it has helped save thousands of lives worldwide. We are proud to provide protection with our high performance para-aramid fiber Twaron.”

Teijin Aramid’s Twaron UD21 is an innovative unidirectional laminate specially designed for hard armor. It consists of two layers of unidirectional Twaron fiber plied in a 0° and 90° configuration, and it makes full use of Twaron’s high fiber tenacity while avoiding the crimping, typical of woven material. In each layer, smart UD technology aligns the Twaron fibers in parallel and each layer is individually constructed within the resin matrix. Twaron UD21 has been subjected to a wide range of testing and offers protection according to STANAG 4569, levels 1-4.