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Otto-Chemie offers a wide range of high performance products for composites industry

News International-French

15 Mar 2013

Hermann Otto GmbH was established in 1881 in Berlin as a manufacturer of window putty. Over the years the company has evolved to a leading german compounder of elastic adhesives and sealants.

As a dynamic organization with a constant drive for technical knowledge, customer support & service, and extensive experience, we are now launching our product range to the composite industry. Otto-Chemie is offering a complete line of customized elastic (one & two part) adhesives and sealants as silicones, polyurethanes, hybrides and acrylates.

Otto-Chemie is committed to continuously assist customers in improving their manufacturing processes to replace welding or other mechanical fixations by liquid sealants and/or adhesives. Not only speaking about product properties but also talking about machine and dispensing technologies which is important.

Customers rely on Otto-Chemie’s team of 370 people, its consistent superior quality, and excellent customer specific support from a family owned business.