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Owens Corning introduces new Sustaina glass veil and Ultrapipe fabric design

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14 Jun 2013

Owens Corning introduces a new glass-based solution for construction, transportation and pipe rehabilitation.

Sustaina surfacing and reinforcing glass non-woven solutions for residential and commercial building applications
After a successful launch in North America, Owens Corning is bringing its new Sustaina surfacing and reinforcing glass non-woven solutions to the European residential & commercial building market.

This new technology helps meet legislation requirements on indoor air quality (IAQ) in product-applications, supporting customers as they move towards more sustainable solutions. The product contains a bio-based, formaldehyde-free binder system and delivers higher tensile strength performance versus traditional products.

Patented LOC 90 degree Ultrapipe fabric design for cure in place pipe (CIPP) sewer and pressure applications
With its long oriented chops (LOC) fabrics, the Ultrapipe range is expanding into a very large portfolio addressing all trenchless (no-dig) CIPP sewer and pressure applications. LOC fabrics constructions (0 degree and 90 degree direction) provide high stretch-ability for all liner types made with folding, stitching & winding processes, combined with an increased stiffness and strength properties. The Ultrapipe enhanced UV curing performance allows larger diameter, thicker laminate constructions.

All solutions are direct outcomes of Owens Corning's continued investment to develop innovative industry-specific capabilities to meet the current and emerging trends of our customers.

Samples of veils, fabrics, mats and end-use applications were displayed at company booth at Techtextil 2013.

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