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Owens Corning sales will be doubled again in the Chinese market

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14 Aug 2014

Even for such rapid developing Chinese market, the annual growth rate of 100% is also a surprising number. This is the sales growth number that Owens Corning has reached in China last year (2013) for their long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) products.

The company's glass fiber reinforced materials business Chinese district director general manager Yao Fangdi said, it is expected that the LFT sales will be doubled again this year (2014).

This year, the leading glass fiber supplier has exhibited its Performax SE4849 Type 30 direct yarn used for long fiber reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene (LFT-PP). According to introduction, it can replace the metals traditionally used in the composite materials, and it also can be used for the manufacturing of the complicated automobile structure parts and semi structure parts.

Yao Fangdi estimates that the Chinese thermoplastic composite materials market annual growth rate is about 30%, while the composite materials overall annual growth rate is only in the range between 3% and 5%.

As the LFT main application market, the automobile industry has continued to show rapid growth momentum in China. Due to the wide attention that the problem of air pollution has got, the automobile industry has increased their efforts in the weight loss measures. This movement is accelerating the penetration into the thermoplastic composite materials market.

Yao Fangdi said, now, normally an automotive at least uses 10 kilograms of long fiber thermal plastic (LFT) composite materials. The content of high-end brands may be using up to four times as much, because these brands have already applied the thermoplastic composite materials in the structure components.

Since its establishment of their first plant in 2007 in China, Owens Corning currently has their own factories in Yuhang (Zhejiang province) and Doudian (Beijing) with ample capacity for the service in the domestic market.

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