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Owens Corning to supply North American long fiber thermoplastics market

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3 Nov 2014

The producer of glass fiber reinforcements for composite systems, is preparing to meet growing demand for glass fiber reinforced long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) with two products that offer value-added manufacturing processing and overall system cost reduction.

According to a recent report* by Applied Market Information, LLC, the North American long fiber thermoplastics market is expected to grow by 7.3 percent each year through 2018, driven by changes in environmental regulations, functional integration, and safety requirements. Owens Corning's Performax SE4849 and SE4850 rovings for LFTP and DLFT, respectively, are redefining LFT performance for a variety of applications requiring intricate function such as automotive, appliances, and consumer goods.

Performax SE4849 and SE4850 rovings are designed for LFT Polypropylene (PP) hot-melt compounding, pultrusion, DLFT processes, and continuous fiber-reinforced plastic tapes. Produced using Owens Corning's Advantex corrosion-resistant glass fiber, these products create the opportunity for increased line speeds – enabling the producers to increase their capacity and reduce manufacturing costs without adding capital. Due to outstanding processing characteristics, such as excellent wet-out and dispersion, splice strength, and resistance to fuzz, the new rovings allow for up to 40 percent increase in compounding line speed and 20 percent increase in glass loading.

* "Long fibre polypropylene compounds – the global market" published September 2014 by AMI

About Owens Corning:
Owens Corning is a global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass-fiber reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems. A Fortune 500 company for 60 consecutive years and in business for more than 75 years, Owens Corning is a market-leading innovator of glass-fiber technology with sales of $5.3 billion in 2013 and about 15,000 employees in 27 countries.

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