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Park introduces composite Alpha Strut for aerospace applications

News International-French

1 Aug 2013

Alpha Strut (patent pending) is Park's new proprietary composite strut design.

The Alpha Strut, which is designed for aircraft and other aerospace medium to high load bearing applications, joins Park's patented Sigma Strut, which is designed for space and other aerospace very high load bearing applications. The Alpha Strut and Sigma Strut designs provide significant weight savings and load carrying reliability by utilizing unique end-fittings, which are co-cured into each end of the struts. This technique allows the fittings to transfer the full load through the strut body without having to rely on bond areas to carry shear loads as with typical designs.

The Alpha Strut design has been successfully tested to over one million load cycles at load limits in both tension and compression. 

  • Designed for Aircraft and other Aerospace Medium to High Load Applications    
    • Tie  Rods
    • Push/Pull Control Rods
    • Bracing
    • Truss Structures
    • Bulkheads 
  • Benefits Include:
    • High Reliability
      • Proprietary End-Fitting Design
    • Light Weight
      • Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
    • Custom Designs tailored to Specified Loads, Lengths and Fitting Requirements  

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