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PEEK compounds specifically formulated for applications in the energy industry

News International-French

4 Oct 2016

Lehvoss North America announces the introduction of Luvocom EOG, a new generation of PEEK compounds specifically formulated for the energy industry. Developed to meet the need for higher performance and lower risk in material selection, these new compounds offer unlimited life expectancy at 464°F (240°C) in downhole environmental conditions per NORSOK M-710 Standard.

PEEK compounds specifically formulated for applications in the energy industry

“Applications in the energy industry require materials with outstanding performance,” said Robert Healy, Managing Director Lehvoss North America. “These new compounds help OEMs and processors address both new and existing application challenges. OEMs need better long-term performance such as temperature resistance and higher extrusion resistance, as well as more reliable mechanical properties. Processors have issues with manufacturing due to non-isotropic properties and non-optimized processing behavior.”

“The Luvocom EOG family of compounds is targeted to provide true improvements that will directly elevate component performance,” continued Healy.  “When compared to traditional PEEK compounds in energy applications, Luvocom EOG materials offer easier processing, shorter annealing time (up to 50% less) and reduced wear.”

Additional benefits include reduced internal stress and warpage (up to 150% better shrinkage ratio). With nearly isotropic properties, the new compounds drastically reduce dependence on molding flow direction of mechanical properties.

And, the material’s high creep resistance means better extrusion resistance, which leads to more resistant and reliable seals. 

Applications include bearings, bushings, thrust washers and gears, seals, back-up rings, packers and plugs, and compressor components. Each Luvocom EOG grade is focused on specific applications and is also a formulation platform for future customization.

Luvocom EOG materials have achieved Norsok M-710 compliance for use in oil and gas applications. The standard specifically defines requirements for critical non-metallic (polymer) sealing, seat and back-up materials for permanent sub-sea applications. Lehvoss enlisted Alpine PolyTech in Fort Worth, Texas to conduct the stringent Norsok tests.  Four Luvocom EOG materials were tested at temperatures of 419°F (215°C), 437°F (225°C), and 464°F (240°C). The results showed no trend at the highest temperature of 464°F (240°C), which means that unlimited life can be expected due to the environment up to and including 464°F (240°C). After 42 days, the trends of all compounds remained above the acceptance criteria and there was no progressive degradation of tensile properties due to the thermally accelerated chemical reaction between the EOG materials and H2S.  Alpine certified all four grades as qualified.