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Permali Wallace: sustained development

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13 Apr 2011

Permalli Wallace is an Indian company that has been diversifying its business and skills over the years, while maintaining a solid core business as manufacturers of wood-based densified impregnated laminates for industrial and engineering applications.

(Published on June 2008 – JEC Magazine #41)


Based in Bhopal, halfway between Mumbai and New Delhi, Permalli Wallace is considered a major player in the composite material sector both in India and overseas. The company already exports 15% of its production.


Significant investments

The company is very intent on expanding its business. To support its growth, it injected new funds into the construction or extension of no less than three new buildings. There is therefore no shortage of projects or potential markets.


The plant recently benefited from an investment programme only just 3 years ago, which helped to significantly increase its SMC production means. However, wood laminate still remains the company’s main activity, representing a total of 32-33%. Once the construction work has been completed, the plant will have about 60,000 mÇ of premises for production, R&D and training.



The company’s main machinery includes several multi-daylight upstroke laminate presses (from 400T to 3250T), a vacuum impregnator, an evaporator, a horizontal impregnation plant, a vertical impregnation plant, a tube winding machine, a ring winding machine, a vacuum system for tube manufacturing, a semi-automatic pattern miller, a drum sander, several routers and recessors, compression moulding presses (from 75T to 250T), an SMC manufacturing plant, a DMC manufacturing plant, a resin manufacturing kettle, a high-speed mixer, metal spray equipment, a metal detector, and a humidity central plant.


The premises have been divided into 5 production areas:

  • press shop: wood laminates, glass laminates,
  • tubes and rings,
  • moulding area: SMC/DMC compounding, compression moulding, RTM moulding,
  • vacuum epoxy casting,
  • machine shop.


The production and maintenance functions are supported by in-house tool room facilities. The company stands out from the crowd by its broad range of skills. Not only does it employ 230 people over the two sites in Bhopal, but it also operates 6 days a week.


R&D and quality : top priorities

The company has been certified ISO 9001 by DNV Netherlands since 1997, and also has an integrated management system designed to meet quality assurance requirements. An independent calibration laboratory provides in-house calibration services for metrological and process control instruments and gauges. The company has been re-certified to ISO 9001 quality management systems, and is gearing up for the ISO14000 environmental management system certification. The R&D facilities have been approved by the Government of India’s Department of Science & Technology since 1976. They are well equipped with modern machines and facilities for development, testing and evaluation of raw materials and finished products. The R&D Department has developed several products and critical applications for the power, defence, aerospace, railways and automotive sectors.


Almost 50 years

Permali Wallace Private Limited was established in 1961 as part of a technical and financial collaboration with Permali Limited, Gloucester, U.K. and Chase Lowe & Co., Manchester, U.K. In 1982, the company entered into another technical collaboration with BTR Permali RP Limited U.K. to develop sheet moulding compounds, dough moulding compounds and components thereof. Permali Wallace started as a manufacturer of wood-based densified impregnated laminates for industrial and engineering applications, growing steadily over the years and extending its product range. This range now includes wood veneer-based components, glass-reinforced composites, SMC & DMC moulded components, epoxy resin castings, cotton fabric composites, composites combining glass and wood compreg, and composites using high-tech fibres like polyester, Kevlar, etc. A number of formulations are produced in-house.


Future prospects and ambitions

Nowadays, the growth of the local market is such that Permalli Wallace could almost make do with doing very little to secure its future. However, the company has set some high standards and is aiming for 15% growth in 2008, with 25% in export by 2009. Export sales have already reached 15%, with the Middle East as its main client (25%), followed by Asia (20%) and Australia (10%). The rest is shared between Europe, North America and South America. The company exports to about 25 different countries. Several major contracts are currently being negotiated and test parts are being manufactured. These contracts are so big that the company’s forecasts will have to be revised upwards.


Permali Wallace’s products find applications in almost every industry, including:
  • Electrical: transformers, switchgears, generators, motors, control panels, etc.
  • Defence: military, navy and air force applications
  • Railways: coach building, electrical equipment, traction equipment, rail track components, etc.
  • Automotive: instrument panels, parcel trays, flooring, under-the-hood applications, bumpers, etc.
  • Foundry: match plates and pattern, etc.
  • Forging: pattern making, etc.
  • Textile machinery: picking sticks, etc. for high-speed automatic looms
  • Telecommunications: underground cable covers & castings, joint boxes, telephone booths, etc.
  • Chemical: pipelines, tanks, cryogenic applications, etc.
  • Oil: offshore applications, pipelines, non-corrosive doors, partitions, etc.
  • Construction: doors, flooring materials, etc.
  • Atomic energy: neutron shielding