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Piaggio Aero Industries launches the Avanti EVO turboprop aircraft

News International-French

3 Jun 2014

The company active in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of both aircraft and aero engines, announced the launch of the new Avanti EVO twin turboprop aircraft at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE).

It represents an important first milestone in an industrial program going forward that includes Piaggio Aero’s product portfolio development and diversification and a new state of the art production facility at Villanova d’Albenga, Savona, Italy.

The new Avanti EVO builds on the highly renowned Avanti P.180 platform, and brings a host of improvements and upgrades to boost efficiency, reduce operating costs, provide greater levels of comfort for passengers, and be even kinder to the environment.

With a maximum speed of 402KTAS, the Avanti EVO is the fastest turboprop in the world and faster than many jets – doing so at fuel economy and emissions levels significantly below that of rival aircraft.

Amongst its many improvements, the new Avanti EVO features:

  • Airframe improvements including winglets, redesigned nacelles, and a reshaped front wing to help boost efficiency and cut emissions by 3%. Climb performance also increases by 3%
  • New five-blade scimitar propellers, which combine with aerodynamic changes to considerably reduce external noise by 68% - 5 dB(A) making the Avanti EVO a better neighbor. Passenger comfort is further improved thanks to a noise reduction of 1 dB(A) to the whisper quiet Avanti EVO signature cabin
  • System upgrades including anti-skid braking, new low-maintenance landing gear, new digital steering, LED lighting inside and out, and other design and manufacturing advances which improve performance and cut maintenance requirements
  • The introduction of an increased range configuration option, increases the maximum range by 17% from 1470 nm to 1720 nm
  • An all-new and improved cabin experience, with newly designed VIP seats developed by renowned design specialists Iacobucci HF, and finished by luxury outfitters Poltrona Frau
  • New cabin air conditioning and lighting systems that give passengers even greater control over cabin comfort

In addition to the new Avanti EVO aircraft, Piaggio Aero also revealed plans to strengthen its existing customer service organization and service network to improve customers’ ownership experience and place them front and center. A range of new activities encompasses a number of initiatives including a close monitoring and consolidation of the stock inventory to improve parts availability, closer ties with authorized service centers to improve service to suit customers’ needs, and the creation of a bespoke integrated lifecycle program – “Parts Total Care”.

The brand new parts total care is a modular and customizable new program designed to cover operators’ spare parts requirements for factory-delivered new Avanti EVO aircraft, that provides customers with an accurate and reliable cost through a competitive rate per flight hour. Coupled with the other service network improvements currently ongoing, the innovative program gives owners and operators a major advancement in budget control and aircraft management.

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