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Ping Sha Yachts Industry jump from zero to $158 millions USD

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9 May 2012

In 2008, After 11 consecutive months of zero order from foreign buyers, a number of Ping Sha yacht manufacturing enterprises are in the verge of collapse. In face of the status quo, Ping Sha yacht companies speed up industrial restructuring, start innovation and brand building. They find a way to supply to the domestic market while pending for the foreign orders.

At present, there are 18 yacht manufacturing enterprises in Ping Sha, 6 supporting manufacturing enterprises, and more than 30 yacht trading enterprises. The total investment is over $300 million USD. This year, Ping Sha yacht manufacturing and supporting enterprise will create a value of $237 million USD of business.


With the rise of the domestic yacht market, linked with export trend, relying on scientific and technological innovation, Ping Sha yacht industry output value has exceeded $158 millions USD this year.


Ping Sha yacht companies initially only depend on the foreign orders There are rarely their own independent designs. Recently, some companies have set up their own design studio and hired their own design team.


With a high level design team, coupled with emphasis on product development and technological innovation, many yacht production companies have their own intellectual property rights, invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.


China largest yacht manufacturer, Ping Sha Sunbirds Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Sunbirds) applied national invention patent for its large-sized, personalized, or mixed steel structure FRP none-mold building technology.


Its continuous basalt fiber reinforced resin composite materials and yacht projects have been listed as a 2010 National Torch Program project.


Sunbirds sales orders are already saturated; the output growth this year is expected to exceed more than 30%.


Singapore, Taiwan and more than 30 important parts suppliers have set up sales companies or offices in Ping Sha. Spare parts supply network has been initially formed.


Now, from the yacht manufacturing to the spare parts procurement, to Yacht materials test, all can be done locally. The one-stop shopping and service not only saves time but also reduces production costs.


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