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PlastiComp introduces translucent long fiber compound for structural applications

News International-French

22 Apr 2013

PlastiComp, a globally recognized leader in the long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) industry is thrilled to announce a compounding breakthrough in a translucent, long-fiber reinforced compound.

“Molded structural parts with translucent qualities lead to unique applications that require strength and optical transparency”, per Dr. Raj Mathur, Vice President & Director, Technology & Business Development.

This patent-pending TPU based product can revolutionize structural parts where see-through quality or contact transparency imparts added functionality. When molded, this product containing 20-40 weight % long glass-fibers, is smooth and translucent, while still maintaining the mechanical properties of a standard long glass reinforced thermoplastic compound. PlastiComp is now introducing this product to equipment manufacturers, as well as injection molders.

These translucent TPU compounds offer advantages in medical devices, pumps, filters, power tools, sporting equipment, or anything requiring a see-through part-section.

Contact PlastiComp for a free sample of molded plaques or ASTM test-bars to see how it brings a clear advantage to your molded parts.


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