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Plexus MA515 for structural bonding

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Plexus MA515 is designed for structural bonding of small- to medium-sized composite and thermoplastic assemblies.

This new system is a two-part methyl methacrylate-based adhesive uniquely formulated to eliminate the problems associated with the bonding of technical materials such as carbon fibre, polyamides and pDCPD.

High toughness and high strength allow Plexus MA515 to absorb energy without catastrophic failure. Other benefits of this innovative solution include fast strength development, no abrasion of pDCPD, high gap fill and excellent fatigue durability. Like all Plexus structural adhesives, it is nearly 100% reactive and does not rely on heat or humidity to obtain full cure.

Plexus MA515 does not boil in gaps up to 18 mm-thick and therefore does not cause any thermal distortion of the substrate. This, combined with achieving a strength of 10 MPa in just 60 minutes, makes this innovative structural adhesive ideal for medium-sized composite and metal applications in the automotive, transportation and wind energy industries.

PlexusMA515 requires no abrasion when bonding pDCPD, carbon fibre and polyamide plastics, therefore helping reduce process time and health and safety concerns, while increasing throughput. Moreover, this bonding method, unlike traditional solutions in the market, gives designers a greater freedom of material choice with the benefit of joining dissimilar lightweight materials.

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