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Polinox expects a difficult year for the Brazilian composites industry

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

Latin American leader in peroxides, Polinox is part of the huge list of Brazilian companies with low (or none) expectations for 2015.

As the country faces a severe economic crisis, Polinox will be satisfied for reaching, at most, the same results of 2014.

“The construction industry leads the ranking of composite consumers in Brazil, and many molders that operate in this segment supply to the government, which tends to slow down the pace of investments due to the negative economic scenario,” said Roberto Pontifex, director of Polinox. Except, he points out, for the manufacturers of water tanks, who have benefited from the water supply crisis faced by the country.

The transportation sector, the second in the ranking, is still undergoing the effects of the increased interest rates and, consequently, the more expensive credit. “Few segments will manage to avoid the crisis this year, such as the wind power generation, which virtually depends on the export of blades and relies on the assistance of new companies that have settled here.”

Last year, according to Pontifex, Polinox used 80% of the capacity of the plant it operates in Itupeva, São Paulo – the largest in Latin America, with potential to produce 300 tons/month of peroxides. “We produced 4.8% more than in 2013. To get close to that volume in 2015, we will intensify the activities in South America, especially in Colombia, Argentina and Chile,” he said. Exports accounted for almost 10% of Polinox sales last year – now the plan is to reach 15%.