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Polinox produces peroxides for all composite molding processes

News International-French

7 May 2015

The offer of the company, based in Brazil, includes over 40 formulations indicated for open and closed molding technologies, from the traditional spray-up process used in the manufacture of water tanks and pools to the complex infusion of boat hulls and wind blades.

“We spent years of investments in research and infrastructure so that we could offer a portfolio with several types of peroxides, including MEK, BPO, AAP, TBPB, CHP, MIBK and blends,” said Sérgio Andrade, industrial manager of Polinox. The company operates in Itupeva (São Paulo) one of the largest Latin American complex of organic peroxides – with capacity to produce 300 tons/month.

As a result of such an extensive product range, Polinox allows composite molders to select the peroxides that best suit their processes.

Andrade also points out that composite molders value the repeatability of peroxides, that is, products with a consistent performance. “Our clients do not like surprises. The product delivered today should have the same performance in the next delivery. And Polinox achieves this thanks to its state-of-the-art industrial park and the strict quality control systems adopted in all manufacturing stages.”

Founded in 1960, Polinox is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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