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Polinox production grew 4% in 2012

News International-French

24 Jan 2013

Polinox, a company dedicated to product peroxides and mold release waxes in Latin America, reported a 4% increase in the volume produced in 2012.

The result was lower than expected by the company, which estimated a 6% growth. Still, according to Roberto Pontifex, director, the performance of Polinox last year should be celebrated.

“The Brazilian sector of composites was not able to avoid being adversely affected by the downturn experienced by the industry, especially in the first half. Therefore, any growth is welcome.”

According to projections from the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) released in October, the Brazilian consumption of composites totaled 207,000 tons, 0.7% lower than in 2011. “The period was also marked by sharp declines in the profit margins caused by the constant increases in the costs of raw materials, most in U.S. dollar.”

The U.S. currency valuation, however, helped Polinox to improve the profitability of exports, an activity that accounted for approximately 10% of the revenue in 2012. Chile and Mercosur countries were the main destinations of its peroxides and mold release waxes.