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Poliya acquires Cam Elyaf resins business unit

News International-French

11 Apr 2011

The company announced on the 29th of March 2011 that it has completed the acquisition of the Cam Elyaf resins business unit of Sisecam Group, creating a dynamic synergy in the composite resins industry.

With this acquisition, Poliya has one of the composite resins industry’s broadest ranges of products yielding 65,000 tons per year; the largest capacity in the EMEA region.


The new business group will be the market’s leading bulk resin provider - with the ability to serve pipeline, wind energy and the transportation sectors among others.


"This is a historic day for Poliya and the clients we serve", said Buelent Oeztuna, Poliya’s lead M&A officer and board member. "With this transformation, we are now a global force, with the capability to serve our clients – whatever their size, location or sector – with one of the most comprehensive and competitive portfolios in the industry."


"Today marks the beginning of an exciting new era," said Oeztuna "Clients will benefit from the scales of economy, low costs, a commitment to unsurpassed quality and our ability to provide world-class service. With the resources of Poliya’s renowned R&D and Cam Elyaf Resin’s production line, we have an opportunity to truly redefine the composites market."


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