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Poliya appoints second-generation CEO

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5 Nov 2013

Poliya management announced the family’s second generation, Ozgur Cakar, will be assigned to the role of CEO.

Ismet Cakar, founder of Poliya—recently named one of Turkey's Next Top 500 Industrial Enterprises—and a well-respected innovator in the composites industry said this is an important day for his company,  their partners, and for the customers they serve.

Over the last 30 years, Poliya has grown to be a leader in the field by focusing on Research & Development. Cakar underlined this point by saying “We founded this family company by employing only the best scientific knowledge and ethical practices. We pride ourselves on maintaining these core values above all else. I am sure the momentum of our successes thus far will continue with this next generation of leadership.”

With admiration and pride, the young CEO of Poliya, Ozgur Cakar, issued the following words: “I am truly honored to be able to both continue my family’s business and be a part of Europe's fastest growing composite resin brand.  While doing my part to further the reputation and successes of Poliya, it is my responsibility to retain the integrity of our core corporate values.  Our primary objective is to become one of Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises. With this goal in mind, we will continue to lead the field R&D, invest in new technologies and turn our focus to the global market.”

Prior to Poliya, Ozgur held management positions with Viacom, Chapman University and other U.S. companies. Since 2012 he has served as a member of the Executive Committee at Poliya.  Ozgur holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Yildiz Technical University and an MBA from San Diego State University.