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Poliya - Composite innovators in Eurasia

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4 Feb 2013

Celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year, Poliya Composite Resins and Polymers, Inc. (Poliya) is a key player in the EMEA composite industry. Through innovative research and development, customer-focused solutions, sustainable growth strategies, and international partnerships, the company can address an ever-widening target market.

Founded in 1983, Poliya specializes in developing and manufacturing polymers and composite resins. Most widely known for its flagship product, the Polijel™ gelcoat series, the company also manufactures UPE-polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, pigment colour pastes, solid surface chips, adhesives, bonding pastes, mould release agents and waxes.


Organization and background

Poliya is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and has offices in Germany and manufacturing facilities in both Turkey and Italy. The company, whose diverse product portfolio is exported to 25 countries throughout the world, is one of the fastest-growing composite resin manufacturers in Europe. It is a member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD), and the Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association.


Commitment to the chemical industry

Since its inception, Poliya has operated by this guiding principle: never sacrifice the quality of products. Products are customized to meet the required specifications, types and price alternatives of customers. The company leads the field in research and development activities with innovative perspectives from teams of qualified professionals and by using the most sophisticated equipment. It supports customers’ technical needs during and after purchase. Poliya consistently allocates funds to the advancement of technology, education and use of the most recent quality control system. Since 1983, the company has respected nature’s balance and environmental safety while continuing to exist “in every part of life.”


What’s new

Poliya provides customized gelcoats to new and existing customers, in the required amounts and with the appropriate urgency for customers that require a quick turnaround. The company anticipates that its customer services and support, combined with innovation, will significantly increase its market throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Turkey.