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Polmet - Starts developing special composites for the automotive and marine industries

News International-French

22 Feb 2013

Polmet (Bursa, Turkey), a well-established producer of composites for the Turkish and European markets, has launched the development of special composites for the European market, more specifically for automotive and marine applications.

The company has already invested in five resin injection machines, ten hydraulic presses and two vacuum lines in a 2,500 square meter closed area. The new products include gel-coated finished body parts, carbon fibre components, and composites that will strengthen the company’s presence in the international markets.

Polmet is a composite manufacturer which has specialized in automotive and marine applications since its foundation in 1980. At present, the company has a plant in Bursa, the centre of the Turkish automotive industry, as well as distributors throughout Europe. It employs about 25 skilled workers and sells its composites in over 10 countries.