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A polyimide resin for high temperature applications

News International-French

3 Oct 2014

Nexam Chemical introduces Neximid MHT-R, an “easy to process” polyimide resin for high temperature applications.

With Tg above 400°C, the resin is primarily intended for use in Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) of high temperature composite parts for the aerospace industry. Other areas, such as machine manufacturing industry and different transport sectors will also benefit from this material where metal replacement of parts exposed for high temperatures are possible.

Neximid MHT-R is a polyimide resin which is based onthe company's crosslinkers Neximid 100 (PEPA) and its Neximid 400 (EBPA) in combination with other high temperature resistant monomers.

The resin has advantages such as:

  • A high softening temperature (Tg): from 330°C and up to 420⁰C via post-curing.
  • Very low melt viscosity at processing temperatures

The above unique combination of advantages makes it suitable for manufacturing of high-temperature composites with RTM technology, which is beneficial from both a time and cost perspective for the users.

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