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Polynt Composites announces price increase for Europe

News International-French

21 Mar 2016

The company has announced a price increase, effective for all new deliveries shipped on or after April 1st 2016.

This increase will affect all unsaturated polyester resins, vinylester resins, gel coats and other related products in a range of 60-100 €/ton.
This price increase is a consequence of escalation in cost for all main raw materials.

Polynt Composites will continue to work hard to limit the impact of rising costs and limited raw material availability upon product pricing and supply.

About Polynt Composites:
Polynt Composite is a leader for thermoset composites. The Company is specialized in the development and production of unsaturated polyester resins, vinylesters, gel coats and derivatives.
Present on four continents with manufacturing, commercial and R&D facilities, Polynt Composites provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions, supported by its three centers of expertise (Unsaturated Polyester Resin in France, Vinylester in Korea and Gel Coats in USA). Throughout its value chain, the Company combines eco-design, quality and progress while protecting the environment, as a responsible Company pioneering innovation.