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Polynt Composites brings technology and investment to vinyl ester market

News International-French

10 Apr 2015

Polynt Composites USA is using their unmatched customer service, high quality production and support to bring vinyl ester resin technology to the forefront.

The formation of Polynt Composites USA brings many synergies forward in the vinyl ester product portfolio. This ensures there is a vinyl ester chemistry to meet every manufacturer’s need by bringing unique products and opportunities to the market. This new focus on vinyl esters also brings the benefits of this technology to the coatings industry with formulations for high performance coatings resins.

Polynt Composites USA announces an innovative new product to the market with its Core Shell Rubber Modified Vinyl Ester Technology; to date, industry response has been excellent. This product showcases Polynt Composites USA’s cutting edge technology in the vinyl ester field that brings forth properties most important to composites manufacturers, including damage tolerance, self-healing properties, and machinability.

Additionally, by the end of second quarter 2015, Polynt Composites USA will bring online an additional high performance reactor specifically for their top quality Vinyl Ester products. Located in Texas, the new reactor will position the corporation to fully supply customers worldwide.

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