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PolyOne and Xenia cooperate on advanced materials for metal and thermoset replacement

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21 May 2012

PolyOne Corporation, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, today announced at the Plast trade show that it has signed a cooperation and supply agreement with Xenia S.r.l. Unipersonale, a specialist in development and production of high-end polymer solutions reinforced with carbon fibers.

The agreement offers customers superior support to successfully transition from metal or thermoset resins to thermoplastic composites in high-end applications, enabling lightweighting, improved process efficiency and productivity.

Both PolyOne, with its OnForce™ long fiber reinforced materials, and Xenia, with its XECARB™ carbon fiber reinforced materials, have substantial experience helping customers successfully replace metal and thermoset parts with those made from thermoplastic composites.

Brand owners and manufacturers are seeking ways to replace metal and thermoset resins with thermoplastics in order to lower part weight, employ creative new designs, build more readily recyclable parts and realize greater efficiencies during manufacturing. The cooperation with Xenia enhances PolyOne’s ability to work with customers to optimize the transition from metal or thermoset parts to those that will benefit from thermoplastic solutions. As part of this cooperation, PolyOne will offer customers design and prototyping assistance to speed their projects to market.

“PolyOne has extensive expertise in metal and thermoset replacement using OnForce LFT long fiber materials,” commented Holger Kronimus, general manager, Engineered Materials Europe. “With Xenia, we have identified a company that will support our efforts to help customers enhance performance and profitability.”

Xenia president Fabio Azzolin added, “Xenia’s carbon fiber reinforced XECARB™ materials are already selected for use in high-end applications such as racing and sport components and in mechanical parts. Working with PolyOne, we intend to become the foremost European supplier of these materials across an even broader spectrum of applications than we enjoy today.”

This cooperation leverages the strengths of each company. PolyOne is an  expert in developing and manufacturing long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resins, has global market reach, and utilizes a collaborative approach to innovating with customers on metal and thermoset replacement projects. Xenia offers its expertise developing thermoplastics with short carbon-fiber reinforcement and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities to develop designs for parts made from these advanced materials.

As part of the agreement, PolyOne will market Xenia’s materials in Europe, excluding Italy. Xenia will promote and market carbon fiber-reinforced grades of PolyOne’s OnForce™ materials in Italy.  

About Xenia
Xenia is an Italian engineering company that makes innovative polymers which can be applied in most advanced and challenging applications. The main company’s operating base is in Mussolente (VI) with its research and development facility in Brindisi, Italy.

About PolyOne
PolyOne Corporation, with 2011 revenues of $2.9 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. Headquartered outside Cleveland, Ohio USA, PolyOne has operations around the world. Consistent with the company’s strategy of specialty growth and global expansion, in December of 2011 PolyOne acquired ColorMatrix Group, Inc., a highly specialized company with a premier suite of additive technologies and a leading market position in liquid colorants.

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