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Porcher Industries’ innovations

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

Porcher Industries will exhibit several innovations among which: D3sign yarns, Porcher Greenlite based on pure cellulose fibers, Pipregs made of thermoplastics laminates and prepregs.

Porcher D3sign yarns are bindered tows specifically targeted to new technologies such as AFP or tow winding in order to provide dry preforms. It provides unique advantages over thermoset prepreg tows in thermal and storage stabilities and potential applications for out-of-autoclave processing. These yarns are available in a range of flat yarns and thermoset resins. It is of particular interest for the aerospace and aeronautics markets.



Porcher Greenlite is a new generation of high performance renewable reinforcements for the composites industry. These materials are based on pure cellulose fibers. The biocomposites are made on an excellent weight / performance basis. They are biodegradable and highly compatible with bio-based resins, making them suitable for the production of 100% bio-based composites on a large scale. Porcher Greenlite fabrics can be processed using Boothard equipment with no modifications to the existing technology.


Pipregs are thermoplastics laminates and prepregs combining the advantages of continuous fibers and polymers.


The  woven continuous fibers bear the mechanical loads of the composite and are combinated with polymers which distribute these strengths over the fibers and determine the thermal, chemical and part of the impact resistance of the composite. Pipregs give high flexibility to optimise materials. Pipregs with various polymer/reinforcement combination and/or polymer volume content can be developed on request.

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