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Porcher Industries explores new dimensions in 3D

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23 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The D3SIGN product range from Porcher Industries offers potential 3D solutions, including a towpreg technology dedicated to automated, advanced fibre placement (AFP) and filament winding. 

These innovative products provide potential applications for out-of-autoclave (OOA) processing.

These towpregs are continuous carbon or glass fibres treated or impregnated with high-performance thermoplastics. Depending on the final application, the polymer content by weight can range from 30% to 50%. According to customer requirements, the fibres can be fully impregnated in various widths. Compared to slitted tapes, towpregs are 100% continuous, avoiding any splice.

With the D3SIGN solution, the industrial process is optimized: high-speed processing, lower energy consumption, low curvature angle, constant weight and width along the towpreg, no dry/lift fibres on the towpreg surface (low pollution of the AFP machine), and less downtime (no splice management).

Mechanical properties are also improved: no weakness in the final part (no splice), homogeneous performance (stable fibre content along the towpreg), and management of non-isotropic performance in the final part.
Finally, costs are reduced: no carbon waste during the AFP process and more efficient towpreg process (energy, speed, constant weight and width).

The D3SIGN towpreg is of particular interest for the aerospace, aeronautics and oil & gas industries.

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