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Positive scenario in the wind power industry favors Redelease

News International-French

23 Feb 2016

Company’s unit in Sorocaba supplies to the service providers of Tecsis and Wobben Windpower

So far, wind power generation is the only segment of the Brazilian composites market that has been immune to the crisis. In 2015, when the demand for the material fell 21.2%, the molding of wind blades and other components caused a 4.5% increase in the consumption of raw materials such as resins, fiberglass and peroxides. Redelease, a traditional distributor of supplies for composites, has closely watched this trend from its plant in Sorocaba, the same city of the plants of Tecsis and Wobben Windpower, two leading manufacturers of wind blades and wind turbines in the country.

“There is an important chain of service providers for these companies in the region. They need quick service for small maintenance works, for example. That is where we come in,” said Ubirajara Santos, ahead of Redelease’s subsidiary in Sorocaba. 

Over the past year, Santos estimates that the volume of materials supplied by Redelease to the service providers of Tecsis and Wobben Windpower increased approximately 10%. “From our portfolio, the most popular items are specialty resins and fiberglass fabrics, in addition to adhesives and peroxides.” 

For 2016, in view of the forecasts of an increasing acceleration in the wind power market, Redelease’s manager estimates a 15% sales increase. “In addition to the fact that we are closer to these companies, we have been able to stand out in relation to the competition through our effective technical assistance and portfolio variety, which currently includes more than 1,000 items.”

Photo: Ubirajara Santos