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Premier 45, the ultimate performance cruiser

News International-French

2 Jan 2013

The new Premier Composite Technologies conceived and built Premier 45 pushes boundaries as a state of the art semi-custom fast performance cruiser with a breathtaking, stylish interior.

The new Premier 45 evolved from the synergies between the owner of hull number 1, a discerning yachtsman who had a clear idea of what he wanted, designers Botin Carkeek, globally respected Norwegian architectural practice Snohetta, and the very experienced team at Dubai based Premier Composite Technologies.

The modern performance hull shape, from the studio that has designed back-to-back Med champions Quantum, Emirates Team New Zealand and Audi Azzurra Sailing Team, echoes the powerful TP52 genre. It is built to PCT’s industry leading standards using race-boat level technology.

PCT’s giant 5-axis milling machine ensures very tight tolerances throughout the tooling process, which is all completed in the same factory. The e-glass foam sandwich hull is infusion built with carbon reinforcements. The all carbon deck, like the hull, is manufactured from PCT-built female moulds.

Exceptional build controls which are inherent to all of Premier’s architectural and railways composites work have ensured that the Premier 45 achieves a finished displacement very close to her design weight.

The new boat has a deep performance keel that lifts, reducing the draught from 2.9m to 1.9m giving access to shoal waters without compromising performance. Carefully optimised low drag foil design ensures that the Premier 45 has an easy groove to steer to, builds speed well from the tack and manoeuvres positively downspeed.

The all carbon Southern Spars rig sets a generous sail area for fast upwind and downwind sailing though the ballast ratio and hull form ensure the Premier 45 is stiff and easily handled with an excellent offshore performance. Ease of short handed sailing is facilitated by the retractable bowsprit and choice of asymmetric headsails, as well as the clean, simple ergonomics.

“We are expecting the Premier 45 to be fast. It is quite a light boat with a hull based on the TP52 concept, with a wide, powerful stern section, but with high stability. But it is a cruiser, very fast for her size. In terms of performance she should excel both upwind and downwind. Upwind you have a good deep keel and plenty of sail area, and downwind she will fly. We expect her to be faster than the typical competition by a big amount.” Comments Marcelino Botin.


The new Premier 45 interior

“And for us as designers, it is great to have a high tech composite cruiser built in the very controlled environment that Premier has. It ensures that the boat comes out close to the design weight, and hence to the performance we expect.”
“There are a lot of owners who are looking for this type of boat, a smaller Wally-type yacht with a very minimalistic, clean approach.”
“Under IRC she should do fine. She takes all the credits for the teak deck and all the cruising amenities but is a fast boat.”

The interior, drawing on the skills of Norwegian practice Snohetta has already found favour with potential owners, but the builders offer a degree of freedom in the finishing styles, lighting and materials

“This concept was by them (Snohetta), the ideas, colourways, materials. We initiated it through the contact we have with them on our architectural projects. Then Premier took these ideas and developed them. We are very, very pleased with the resulting ambience and look.” Concludes Max Waimer, Marine Technical Director, PCT.