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Premier Composite Technologies complete installation of two more domes in Turkmenistan

News International-French

26 Sep 2014

In 2011 Premier Composites Technologies (PCT) designed and installed the Astelco dome in Mary Turkmenistan. As part of the continued will between PCT and Astelco, PCT engineered, produced and installed two more domes, in Turkmenabad and Dasoguz in August 2014.

"As well as being aesthetically appealing the domes are also designed for functionality. Each dome is made of six composite panels. Each panel is 4x3 meters in dimension, and made of a lightweight but durable material with quality paint finish. The panels of the dome can be opened mechanically using a hydraulic system to reveal the telescope that is housed beneath", said Gabi Böhm, principal architect.

Turkmenistan has been famous in ancient times as a significant centre for science, culture and education. The ancient city of Merv listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, housed great librairies with the likes of Omar Kayyam the famous poet/writer among its patrons. All three domes are set atop librairies that house rare books and manuscripts. These librairies are part of an atempt to revive the rich cultural legacy of the country and when finished these buildings will be significant landmarks in the cities where they stand.

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