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The Premium Surfing eco-concept

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2 Feb 2011


Since 2008, Ecomoana has made the reduction of petroleum based sources a key part of its product development strategy, just as enhancements to the performance ability of each Ecomoana surfboards have been a lasting, sustained brand value.

Ecomoana Premium Surfing eco-concept

Ecomoana's Surfing Eco-Concept the pursuit of a bio-enhanced surfboard, the unique design & the eco-performance while simultaneously lowering the impact on the environment.

Today, Porcher Industries and Ecomoana Surfboards are offering a new concept regarding the use of the Porcher Greenlite™ fiber into the Premium surfboard collection of Ecomoana.

Porcher Greenlite™ is the ultimate generation of high performance renewable fiber, based on pure cellulose fibers and specifically designed for surfboards construction. The combination of low density and superior mechanical properties allows Ecomoana surfboard to be made on an excellent weight / eco-performance basis. The new materials used in the Porcher Greenlite™ constitute a significant improvement in terms of quality, duplicability, industrial scalability, dedicated to the manufacturing of eco friendly composites, such as surfboards and SUPs".

"By using the new Porcher Greenlite™ fiber into our manufacturing process in addition to our bio-based resin, we are convinced that we can provide the surfer or SUPs user with the most advanced eco-friendly surfboard never built up in the world." said Ecomoana C.E.O. and co-founder, Franck Bennardi.

To further optimize the eco-friendly benefits of its surfboards, Ecomoana has been co-developing a full range of 100% solid (solvent free) bio-based epoxy resin systems designed to meet surfboard requirements. These resins are clear bio epoxy systems (pure transparency and high strength or organic epoxy systems (yellow is green™ effect).

Finally, The Premium Surfing Eco-Concept has been achieved through the close cooperation of Porcher Industries and Ecomoana Surfing company since November 2010. We expect to work and progress consistently throughout the entire development process of innovative surfing products, such as the Premium surfing collection of Ecomoana.

Source : Porcher Industries
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