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PRESCHE project confirms Quickstep's superior automotive manufacturing technology

News International-French

20 Jul 2015

Advanced manufacturing company Quickstep Holdings is pleased to announce the completion of a German government-funded project that has confirmed Quickstep's ability to manufacture niche volume carbon fibre composite vehicle parts more efficiently than traditional processes.

In the final report submitted to a consortium of industry partners including the German Government and leading car manufacturer Audi, the PRESCHE project demonstrated the ability of Quickstep's resin spray transfer (RST) and Qure technologies to produce paintable, 'Class A' surface composite parts at a lower cost than traditional autoclave processes in niche volumes of up to 10,000 parts per annum. These technologies also produced a demonstrator roof system for an Audi A1 vehicle.

Commencing in November 2011, the PRESCHE project focused on the delivery of commercial composite car parts using a number of new technologies. A key outcome was the successful automation of some of the key steps in composite part manufacturing to deliver 'Class A' finish automotive parts such as bonnets, decklids and canopies.

Quickstep managing director, David Marino, said: "Spearheading the PRESCHE project alongside several German automotive industry participants has proved invaluable, helping to broaden our technical knowledge and expertise to provide cost effective automotive manufacturing solutions."

"The project highlighted the capability and benefits of our industry-disruptive technologies, validating our Phase 1 automotive strategy to focus initially on lower volume opportunities. This has assisted in securing Quickstep’s first two automotive contracts, with manufacturing expected to commence in early 2016."

"We look forward to building on the success of the PRESCHE project and further developing our innovative technologies including the new RapidQure process aimed at higher volumes."

The Qure technology is a unique, patented technology that moulds carbon-fibre components using fluids instead of standard autoclave techniques, reducing costs and processing time. It uses the company's RST technology to create carbon fibre parts with a 'Class A' surface finish more efficiently than traditional systems. Quickstep provides a turnkey manufacturing solution for aerospace, defence and automotive clients.