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PRF Composite Materials launches the PRF online store

News International-French

3 Jan 2014

PRF Composite Materials is delighted to announce the launch of its new online store, where customers can purchase products from their standard ranges online, 24/7.

The PRF Online Store brings together the central products in PRF’s vast range of high quality composite materials. Available online is a comprehensive selection of low temperature and mid-temperature prepreg products, a wide range of reinforcements (including a variety of fibre types and fabric constructions), epoxy resin systems, Qiicote mould release products and shears for technical textiles. This product range will grow and develop, incorporating new products and materials as they are introduced.

The website, over a year in development, provides a professional, easy-to-use space including special features such as project lists – the engineer’s wish list - and the ability for PRF account holders to purchase on account online. It also incorporates technical and material safety product data for each item, to ensure that customers have all the necessary information to make their purchase. New functionality will be developed in the future according to customer feedback.

The online store is fully supported by PRF’s professional and responsive in-house team, with full after-sales support available.

Managing Director, Robert Burnell comments: “PRF’s original philosophy was that standard materials should be on stock, ready for when our customers need them. The PRF Online Store is an extension of this philosophy 30 years later: making not only our standard materials available when our customers need them, but also making ordering these materials possible around the clock, at our customers’ convenience.”