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PRF Composite Materials presents RP549 highly toughened epoxy prepreg system

News International-French

10 Jun 2016

Specially formulated for the production of parts requiring high mechanical properties and good impact resistance, this system has a Tg of 195°C (DMA) and good mechanical properties in tensile, ILS and flexural strength.

Managing Director, Robert Burnell comments: “We were particularly excited when we saw the mechanical test results for RP549 coming in; this system really does offer customers a high quality solution for structural components that demand superior mechanical and thermal properties. Feedback from our initial customer trials confirms that the material also has particularly good laminating characteristics, with good tack and grab. We are delighted to add RP549 to our growing range of innovative prepreg materials.”

The system is now in manufacture on a range of PRF’s high quality reinforcement fabrics.

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