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Primus 150 will achieve first flight this year

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15 Jan 2014

The assembly processes of China first all composite materials Primus 150 aircraft independently developed by the AVIC Special Vehicle Research Institute (AVIC SVRI) and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Research Institute (CAIGA Research) has come near to the completion.

After the completion of the ground power check and assembly debugging work, Primus 150 will be delivered to the flight test station for aircraft inspection, ground test and pilot control familiarity and slide inspection. It is expected to achieve the first flight by the end of this year.

Primus 150 is a high-end business aircraft in China researched, designed, and developed independently by AVIC SVRI / CAIGA Research. Up to now, Primus 150 testing aircraft static test work has been in full swing inside AVIC SVRI.

This is currently China’s first and only full composite material testing aircraft. It will soon complete 67% limit load test. This test will lay a solid foundation for the realization of the first flight by the end of the year.

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