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Prince sets new squash benchmark with carbon reinforced racquets

News International-French

29 Mar 2016

Prince Global Sports is raising the bar once again with its newest squash collection featuring TeXtremetechnology.

Prince practically set the squash world on fire when it entered the squash market for the first time in 1984, and the company has continued to innovate ever since in developing industry-leading racquets with proven game-changing capabilities.

Prince has introduced a completely new line of squash racquets, with five of the new models incorporating groundbreaking TeXtreme technology into the head of the racquet. TeXtreme is an innovative, light and ultra-strong carbon fiber material with superior stability that delivers increased power and greater precision control for squash players.

“Prince is excited about the development of the new TeXtreme collection. We’re confident this line of racquets will help us to continue not only meeting the needs of every squash player at every level, but more importantly helping all players play better squash,” says Jon Ballardie, VP of Global Squash at Prince Global Sports. “Prince is a company built upon pushing the boundaries of innovation for over 40 years, and with each and every technological advancement we have enhanced the performance of players of all ages and abilities. Our new TeXtreme collection is further proof of our ongoing commitment to innovation.”

TeXtreme is based on spreading tows (yarns) into tapes that are weaved into a fabric. The fabric produced is much thinner than conventional carbon fiber fabrics, with straighter fibers that optimize and strengthen the composite while delivering lighter weight. Positioned in the upper hoop of the racquet at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions, TeXtreme reduces racquet head frame deformation. This results in superior torsional stability upon impact, creating a larger sweet spot for unparalleled power, response and accuracy for all squash players.

Regarding the launch of the new series, Prince CEO Mike Ballardie remarked, “The TeXtreme line of racquets is another example of the Prince commitment to providing squash players around the world with the best technology to improve performance.”

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