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Private enterprise wind power project brought 22,000 kilowatts

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31 Jan 2012

Beginning of the month, a strong cold air raid Jiaojiang, brought the biting cold northwest wind, which give Jiaojiang Dachen Island wind farm raring full power which has become a "strong battery."

According to Jiaojiang Power Supply Bureau dispatch room data showed this day, the total wind power Dachen Island wind farm electricity generated reached 22,000 kilowatts, the highest in history, which provided a strong current for the winter current peak period in Jiaojiang.


This friday was "Osamu" means the city will enter the coldest day of the year. Jiaojiang Power Supply Bureau scheduling staff told reporters: " The peak load in the net last week reached 284, 000 kilowatts, this week, the southward cold air continued and is expected to reach 297,000 kilowatts. The greatest feature of this winter is to have electricity from large wind power addition from Dachen Island." the staff introduced, although the weather is cold, but the Jiaojiang electricity supply is not in particularly shortage, because the frequent cold air exchanges make Dachen wind power particularly "excited", "as of today, the Dacheng Island wind power is basically in full operation state, brought in 22,000 kilowatts of power, provided strong support to Jiaojiang local living and production need of electricity.

According to the report, Dacheng Island Wind Farm was invested and operated by a private company called Zhejiang Xinxin Wind Power Co., Ltd.


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