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Productive advanced simulation for composite testing

News International-French

26 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - e-Xstream engineering has developed Digimat-VA, a software solution dedicated to accurate virtual characterization of composites. 

Digimat-VA, which stands for Virtual Allowables, offers a dedicated integrated workflow starting from easy and efficient creation of advanced multiscale material models (including micro-level variability) and FEA simulations of typical test coupons and ending with dedicated automatic post-processing that computes mean strength and B-basis values.

Generating a B-basis value without extensive experimental work is now made easy. Full layup design space can be explored at a fraction of the usual cost. Root cause analysis of early failure can now be understood thanks to the variability modelling integrated in Digimat-VA. New material systems can be explored virtually.

Any engineer – whether in the aerospace or the automotive industry – concerned about characterizing a new composite material, exploring the design space or understanding better the widespread of mechanical properties will find in Digimat-VA a productive, efficient and accurate solution to save time and money. 

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