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Project for glass and ceramic composites for high technology applications

News International-French

19 May 2014

The aim of this project is to offer a multidisciplinary training in the field of high-tech glasses and composites, in close contact with companies and universities within this consortium. 

Scientific goals are to develop advanced knowledge on glass based materials and to develop innovative, cost-competitive, and environmentally acceptable materials and processing technologies. The inter/multi-disciplinary characteristic is guaranteed by the presence, within this consortium, of five academic partners and five companies, from six countries, having top class expertise in glass science and technology, modelling, design, characterization and commercialization of glass and composite based products.

Beside, new high-tech glass-based materials (glasses, glass-ceramics, glass- and glass-ceramic composites and fibres) are themselves an emerging supra-disciplinary field: expertise on these new materials bring competitiveness in strategic fields as medicine (bioactive glasses as bone replacement and drug delivery systems), telecommunications (glass devices for broad-band applications), photonics (glass based photonic sensors), clean energy (Solid oxide fuel cells glass sealants), waste management (vitrification and re-use of wastes), The scientific quality of the research programme is guaranteed by the quality of the academic and industrial partners, as well as from their proven success stories in previous EU projects participation and international ranking.

The originality of the research programme is to be seen in the supra-disciplinary approach to new glass-based materials and their applications: recruited researchers can benefit of a complete set of equipments and expertise able to develop advanced knowledge in highly strategic fields for EU, such as medicine, telecommunications, photonics, clean energy production and waste management.

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