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Prototyping with pDCPD for faster time-to-market

News International-French

5 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - The new family of high-performance DCPD formulated resins recently introduced to the market by Telene SAS has proven to be highly successful, enabling moulders to demonstrate the advances of Telene by presenting prototype parts to OEMs.

The Telene® 1800 series consists of 2-component systems. The resin systems incorporate the same monomers as the Telene 1600 and 1700 grades used in RIM processes, but are based on a different catalyst, overcoming sensitivity to oxygen or water and making it possible to work with relatively low-cost mould materials.

Prototypes with mechanical and thermal properties of the final polymer similar to those of traditional RIM grades have been produced. The first two commercially available grades, Telene 1811 and 1810, respectively allow for simple hand pouring and low-pressure machine casting. The Telene 1800 series gives the possibility to either mould accurate geometries or to cast near-net shapes that are machined/finished afterwards. Prototypes weighing more than 15 kg have been produced.

Prototypes prove to be very helpful in proposing new concepts, in design optimizations and in the actual field testing. The result is a much shorter time-to-market at significantly lower cost.

In addition to their use in prototype production, Telene 1800 formulations are currently being evaluated in several new markets including offshore, E&E applications and structural composites.


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